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Meet "MISO"

Miso is the office kitty. She lives in the office and provides therapeutic support to my client's during sessions. She is a Chocolate Point Siamese breed cat who was born in the summer of 2013 and was introduced as a therapeutic support animal in my practice in the Fall of 2013 when Miso was just a few weeks old.  

Miso is very friendly with clients, allowing people of all ages to pet her. I recommend against picking her up because Miso does have her claws and she will scratch, as any cat will, if she feels uncomfortable or wants to find her footing or to get away. Let her come to you and let her relax in a comfortable spot near you. She enjoys a good pet or headrub. I do keep Miso's claws trimmed short and smooth on her front paws, but her back paws are not trimmed, so beware! :-) She also sheds a lot during the warmer months, so a lint roller is provided for your use, should you need one.  

I am an avid animal lover and I believe that animals can help to provide a sense of soothing and calming to those who suffer from anxiety-based issues.  

(****Miso is currently taking an extended vacation while I start up my practice in Long Beach. She is currently residing with my mother at her retirement community in Fresno.****)  

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