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Verify My Therapist's License to Practice in California

National Alliance on Mental Illness

California Association of Marriage & Family Therapists

Central San Joaquin Valley Chapter of CAMFT

A list of treatment options for substance abuse in CA

Carol's PT website

For legitimate answers to all of your medical and medication-related questions

World Professional Association for Transgender Health

Help for parents who have children with Asperger's Syndrome.  There is said to be a high correlation between transgender males and Asperger's Syndrome (now known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, per DSM-5).  

Local LGBTQ network for support and events

Information on affordable health insurance changes in CA

Fresno Pride Chapter...a non-profit charitable organization, specific to the local LGBTQ population.  Scholarships for college students are available each year.

Great resource for trans clients!

Transgender Law Center works to change law, policy, and attitudes so that all people can live safely, authentically, and free from discrimination regardless of their gender identity or expression.

Gender Spectrum provides education, training and support to help create a gender sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens.

Tranz Central Coast (TCC) is a support group of individuals with the full range of transgender experience including transsexuals (male-to-female, female-to-male, both transitioning and non-transitioning), cross-dressers, gender queer and gender questioning. We also welcome significant others, family, friends and allies. An eclectic group reflecting a wide variety of backgrounds, lifestyles and sexual orientations, we come together for support, laughter and sharing the unique experience of being transgender.

Comprehensive resources for the LGBTQ+ communities of Tulare & Kings Counties.  Located in Visalia, CA.  

Choosing a college is a daunting task for any first-time student, but for LGBTQ students, it can be downright terrifying. A whopping 13.4% of LGBT high school students who report frequent verbal harassment plan on not attending college, and 20% of all currently enrolled college students report fearing for their physical safety due to their gender identity or sexual orientation. In response, many universities are taking steps to fight back for their most vulnerable students, but understanding what to look for in a school is still difficult, which is why we created our guide to college for LGBTQ students.
This isn’t just a list of scholarships (although we have those too!). Our guide includes actionable strategies to assess a school on its inclusivity and programs to help make the transition to college easier for LGBTQ students.
We believe that no college student should fear for their safety based on their gender identity or sexual orientation, and we want to connect LGBTQ students with the information and scholarships they need to find the institution with their best interests at heart.

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